The Chemistry Behind Cosmetology


The Chemistry Behind Cosmetology

Did we say chemistry? Yes – science and cosmetology really do go hand in hand. Most people don’t realize the connection between the two. But from the composition of our hair to the products used by a cosmetologist, chemistry is intertwined with cosmetology.

Something AboutOur Hair.

Do you know that you have bonds in your hair? Any curl that your hair has is because of a chemical bond. The curlier your hair, the more bonds you have. If you have straight hair and would like curly hair, then new chemical bonds are created. A lot of us just think we have curly or straight hair. The reality is that chemistry creates our hair structure.

What about Haircolor.

If you have highlights or change the color of your hair in any way, chemistry is being used. From color application through processing, your stylist is monitoring the chemical reactions that are taking place. Depending upon the condition of your hair, your new hair color will process more quickly or slowly – your stylist will consider that when formulating.

There you go … Chemical Relaxers.

Chemistry is so important, it’s even in the name. Relaxers break the millions (yes, millions) of chemical bonds in curly hair to produce the straight result you desire. After the bonds are broken, the neutralizer creates a reaction that rebonds hair into a straight form. This process is so powerful, that once transformed, hair will remain straight until you cut it.

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